New Hampshire Nosh is
a project of
A Fork in the Road.


To choose to eat more local and
regional foods constitutes a choice
to eat seasonally.

In New Hampshire, the land and the sea afford a diversity of foods throughout the seasons. The availability of fresh foods is always subject to variable factors such as temperature, rainfall, and individual growing practices (for example, using a greenhouse to extend the growing season); therefore, this calendar charts the estimated periods of availability in this locale at this time.

Furthermore, according to UNH Cooperative Extension, a seasonal variation of two weeks can be expected throughout the state of New Hampshire: compared to the central region, harvest seasons may be about a week earlier in the southern and seacoast regions; likewise, they may be about a week later in the northern regions.

The availability of foods beyond their harvest seasons (such as stored, dried, or frozen foods) is denoted on this calendar by parentheses and lighter colors. In addition to the seasonal yields outlined in this calendar, there are a number of value-added local food products available throughout much of the year.


You are invited to download the seasons of this calendar for your personal use and reference:

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